Amparo is a bespoke, boutique firm specializing in niche asset allocation strategies that have a proven track record of performance.

Amparo partners with clients to develop customized multi-asset portfolios with an emphasis on wealth protection, wealth preservation, and the highest standards of discretion. Our clients’ security and peace of mind is the foremost goal.

We utilize our expertise to allocate resources globally, free of any third-party counter risk or
jurisdictional obligations.

Amparo is at the forefront of bleeding edge technology coupled with the centuries Old Haven, in the most defensible resource in the world.

We combine a global perspective with local jurisdictional knowledge and deep industry
& sector specialties to keep our clients ahead of any
global market turmoil.

Amparo provides clients with full transparency and a deep understanding of their ventures. Our clients know the onramps and off-ramps of the global system through which we operate.

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